Monday 19 May 2014

Intuthuko Brothers feat Hansford Mthembu (1974)

Especially for you Manzo: Following on from Siemon's April posts of "Modern Sax Stars" featuring the Intuthuko Brothers in the guise of Abafana Intuthuko and Hansford Mthembu in 1967, and the 1976  "Stars of Africa" herewith a 1974 offering from this talented and mellow outfit.

Hansford Mthembu (the spelling on the album cover is a misprint) was a pretty special guitarist. He also leads  on the "Amagugu" album featured on Electric Jive here. At that time he was married to Amagugu singer Francine Thopi Mnguni,  previously with Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje. Mthembu also went on to produce recordings by the Kings Messengers Quartet in the 1980s, and regularly played guitar for multiple bands assembled by West Nkosi.

1. Tomorrow's Wedding (Hensford Mthembu / T. Masikane)
2.Please Dont Cry (Hensford Mthembu)
3. S.A. My Love (Hensford Mthembu)
4. Champaine & Wine (Hensford Mthembu)
5, Loving Arms (T. Jans)
6. Xmas Bells (Hensford Mthembu)
7. Back Home (Hensford Mthembu)
8. Uthanda Bantu (Hensford Mthembu / T. Masikane)
9. Ematimatolo (Hensford Mthembu / T. Masikane)
10. Kwa Kheth'Omthandayo (Hensford Mthembu)
11. Is'Gul'Egoli  (K. Monare)
12. First Stop Durban (K. Monare)

Intuthuko Borthers: Featuring Hansford Mthembu (1974)
Skyline Marabi SK80163
Produced by N. Venter

Mediafire here
Rapidshare here


  1. Nice post. Too bad the 1st song - Tomorrow's weddind - is missing.

  2. How can one buy this music?

  3. Anonymous - it is not possible to buy this music - it is out of print .. it is however possible to download it for free from this site ... click on the"MF" or "RS"links, and download unzip and enjoy.

  4. Many thanks, Chris. But what happened with the title track? Forgot to include in the 743upload?

  5. Hansford Mthembu (the spelling on the record canopy is a misprint) was a fetching extra guitarist. diamonds international

  6. Apologies for the delay in rectifying the missing track situation - I have just been too busy with my day job - it is now corrected - the full album is available via the links


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