Monday 5 May 2014

Uwandile's Apartheid (1987)and Temba Matebese

Another forgotten story of South Africa's rich musical stream is that of exiled guitarist Temba Matebese. Whilst the record being shared today comes from 1987 the early bits of the story begin back in 1975 when Temba worked as the music consultant on The Wilby Conspiracy. Just a year later in 1976 Temba was in Lagos working with Lekan Animashum and Tunde Williams on the LP Temba and T-Fire's No Stop Dis Music. A second LP, T-Fire's The New Testament and production credits on Basa Basa's Homowo from 1983 are also noted before this album was recorded in Lagos in 1987 and released in the UK on Mother Africa records. T-Fire's track Will of the People from The New Testament was comped on the Soundway album Nigeria Disco Funk Special.

Aside from that not a lot more information can be gleaned on the elusive Temba Matebese...perhaps not William Onyeabor but if anyone has more information we would love to hear more.

Uwandile - Apartheid (MALP01, 1987)
1. The Breaker
2. Apartheid
3. And this thing gets you down
4. Thumela
5. Where It All Began
6. Izenzo
7. Forever this Time
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  1. Thank you for this great album!
    My favourite song is "Forever This Time". Nice and slow.

  2. Hi, this album was originally released in 1979 with the album title "The Tie Breaker", it was released three times over the years with two different artist names actually. Just wanted to let you know it wasn't recorded in released in '87


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