Wednesday, 16 December 2009

King’s Messengers Quartet: Five Albums

A fifth recording of the King's Messengers Quartet is now added to this page (26 August 2012). "More Songs with the Kings Messengers Quartet" was their third album, after "Soul of Africa" and "Precious Moments". It features songs focussing on the Christian faith sung in English, Zulu and Sotho, including Christmas Carols, and Nkosi Sikelela I Africa (in Zulu) and Morena Boloka (in Sotho).

Judging by the number of requests and visits to this page, the recordings of this extraordinary group remain hugely popular in southern Africa. Another recording has been found - so, do page down and feel free to download the 1967 "Spiritual Revival" (Motella label LMO 105).

There are now five records available for download on this page - just click on the word "HERE" where it says "LINK: HERE" below, and follow the links, click on green download symbol on the website. Once you have the file on your computer you will need to "unzip" it. It is compressed using .rar - you can get "winrar" for free from HERE it will unpack your file for you. Once it is unpacked you just double-click on the individual songs and they should play on your computer.

More Songs with the Kings Messengers Quartet

1. Praise God, From whom all blessings flow (Zulu - English)
2. No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus (English)
3. My Jesus I Love Thee (Zulu)
4. Somebody Cares (English)
5. Hark The Herald Angels Sing (English - Zulu)
6. A Mighty Fortress Is our God (English)
7. Christ The Lord is Risen Today (English)
8. While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night (English)
9. I Wont Have to Cross Jordan Alone (English)
10. Sing Them Over Again To Me (Zulu)
11. Just a Little Talk With Jesus (English)
12. They Led Him Away (English)
13. There Is a Green Hill Far Away (English)
14. Nkosi Sikelela I Africa (Zulu)
15. Morena Boloka (Sotho)
Download HERE

Birth of our King

Contemplative, harmonic, soothing South African Christmas singing on the “Black Music” label.

1. Mamelang Manstwe
2. Tlong Bana
3. Kganye Ya Naledi
4. Ke Mmoloko Jesu
5. Oh come all ye faithful
6. Silent Night
7. Once in Royal David’s Cuity
8. Christ is Born
9. There’s a song in the air
10. While Shepherds Watch their flocks by night
11. Showers of Blessings
12. Blessed Assurance

Produced by Hansford Mthembu
1983 CCP Records Black Music BMC 559

MORE: There are a surprising number of people throughout Africa who google the Kings Messenger's Quartet and land up at ElectricJIve. More than 2800 people have visited this page  (by mid August  2012). Many people have asked if there is more available. Commercially, very little. The following 1964 recording of the group contains explicit Christian Religious content, sung all in English. It is the second ever recording of the group formed by Billy Mahlalela at the Bethel College in Butterworth (Eastern Cape) in 1954. All of the group are/were members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and specialise in singing Hymns and Spirituals. The other members of the group on this recording are: Paul Kote; Norman Dube and Washington Sixolo.

MORE: Following further requests by visitors, the First LP by the Kings Messesngers Quartet - "Soul of Africa" - is now available for download. This LP is a collection of all 14 of the songs they released in the 1950s on 78rpm records. The sound quality of the LP digitised here is excellent. Enjoy!

Spiritual Revival is a 1967 LP:
First Tenor: Norman Dube;
Second Tenor: Palmer Paul Kote:
Baritone and Principle Arranger: Gift S. Makapela:
Bass: Washington Sixolo


Henri said...

electircjive??? Has someone cut de Power

Who are these Kings Messengers ?? this has to be one of the most boring SA Xmas lps I've heard and I've heard a few - surprized anyone would bother to rip this, what with jumps on first track and the overall low volumn level...



fortherecord said...

You are quite right Mr Worthington - not everyone's cup of tea - thank you for the chuckle you gave us with your comment - stick around for Friday where you will find a special Christmas surprise

Henri said...

Still curious as to who they are them Messengers ??

fortherecord said...

No further info supplied on the cover or label - sorry

Lloyd Marshall said...

What a exceptionally talented group! Thanks so much for sharing this LP. As a child growing up in Queenstown SA, my parents were given one of the King;s Messengers LPs which I remember with much nostalgia. Do you know how I could get hold of some of their other gospel LP's?

fortherecord said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Lloyd - you can buy a best of the Kings Messengers from for R43.00 -

timberly said...

wow what a group mr Lloyd have u managed to get some more music from these guys , my father adores them and his 70 th birth day is around the coner it will be a great present for him , guys how could i get hold of there albums ,i hve bought the best of kings messangers r there any more out there

Chris said...

stay tuned timberly - it is not in the immediate schedule, but another early album has been located - how long you got till the birthday? Chris

timberly said...

chriss i hve 3 weeks in counting thats will be nice guys ,and recorded dvd or vhs frm these guys

fortherecord said...

timberly - check back on these comments in a day or two and I will post you a link to a 1964 recording - "Precious Moments" - Chris

fortherecord said...

UPDATE: another download - a 1964 recording of the King's Messenger's Quartet has been added and is now referenced at the bottom of the original post.

timberly said...

wow thanks guys these will mak e my fatherhappy do u knw is one of them still alive alive

Khumbulele said...

Any possibility to get lyrics for their songs? I have two albums of the King's Messengers, Soul of Africa and The Best of King Messengers. I sometimes struggle to get their lyrics and would like to sing their songs for pleasure with my group.

PL Moeketsi said...

Went to the music stores looking for old fashioned gospel cds and found the best of the KMQ and wow I was impressed. How many albums do they have and how can one get hold of them?

fortherecord said...

Thanks for the messages. It amazes us how popular this group is. Perhaps this kind of demand might persuade record companies to re-issue some of their many recordings? Khumbulele, I did try and find lyrics, but have been unsucessful. PL Moeketsi - try downloading the two albums we have listed on this page - look around at second-hand record fares, fetes, shops etc - vinyl records are becoming a scarce commodity. Best wishes

fortherecord said...

Kings Messengers Quartet first LP "Soul of Africa" is now also available for download from the same December 2009 page as the other KMQ postings on Electric Jive. Excellent quality repro too.

Anonymous said...

I would like to buy a Kings Mess quartet 1983 music. my address is

Rogers Hamsini

Maxie said...

I have grown up listening and even singing the King's messengers quartet. Their music is so inspiring and you cannot imagine the joy I had when I finally lay my hands on this music in digital form.Thank you so much and continue doing the good work

Izzy said...

i grow up with the messengers playing every sunday..My father and I use to sing most of their songs all the time..listening to these songs now bring great comfort and joy..thanx for the link

Harold said...

I grew up listening to The Kings Messengers and even today when going through difficult times many of their songs will flood my thoughts & inspire me to not give up. Thanks for making it digitally availble, even if it's only "Soul of Africa"

Chris Albertyn said...

Another Kings Messengers Quartet LP has been located and will be posted on the Kings Messnegers page on Electric Jive within the next few days. "Spiritual Revival" is a 1967 recording

thriftyvinyl said...

I'm selling my copy of Birth on eBay if anyone's still interested:

Musipa Willard Victor said...

Wonderful Singing!so inspiring!
failed to download Africa Soul

Chris Albertyn said...

A fifth Kings Messengers Quartet album is now available on electric jive - "More Songs with Kings Messengers Quartet", was their third LP.

Wiza Mphande said...

ElectricJive, I am very grateful to the Lord and to you for connecting me again to Spiritual Revival by the King's Messengers Quartet.We have an LP of this album at the village and the songs blessed us alot in those day. The album is super..the singing intended to glorify God and uplift us to heaven. This is genuine, pure and unborrowed gospel music.


Chris Albertyn said...

Thank you Wiza for the kind and encouraging words

Willard Musipa said...

I jhave been blessed by the collection of songs from these inpired singers. May the Lord uses these songs to bless many more, I will share the link on facebook.
Victor Willard Musipa- Zambia

Zondy Hamuluwa said...

I really can't remember the time I came to know the King's Messengers. But ever since that day, I knew I needed them for my spiritual journey to be righted. Thank you so much for these songs. May God richly bless you.

Theo said...

Pleas if you can get "The Best Of Kings Messengers" for me

Chris Albertyn said...

Hi Theo - "The Best of the Kings Messengers" is still commercially obtainable on CD for less than ZAR36. On this site we try to only share that music which cannot otherwise be found. If you visit they will deliver the CD for you. Check this link. Best wishes. Chris

Mmangazi Mthabela said...

thank you for the wonderful music

Nondo Kayula said...

How could I thank you enough? This music really touches my soul.Please add Precious moments aswell.

Chris Albertyn said...

Thanks Nondo for your kind comment. I will look out for Precious Moments

Nondo Kayula said...

Well I got precious moments after several searches and I am appropriately glad.There are two tracks I thought would also be on the album but may be they are on another. I just remember that one starts with 'Theta Nkhosi' and the other 'Ndikhokhele O Yehova' .Pardon my probably mis-spelt words I am not from South Africa. Any idea which album they are on? I have tried to search for these as the track titles but I guess they are not the ones.

Ian Shelburne said...

So happy to have found this site!! I have loved King's Messengers' music since growing up with it in Malawi in the 1960s. It is a special delight to be able to listen to it again. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nondo, the name of the album you are looking for is Lead Kindly Light. It is one of the later Kings Messengers albums. I know because we had this album when I was still a kid. Another album of their's is called "Its not an easy road" (My favourite)

Anonymous said...

The best.. Thanks a lot.. Electricjive has made my Sunday.

Nondo Kayula said...

Well thanks for that information anonymous.I have been searching for Lead kindly light but I can't find it.I hope it will feature here some day.

Magalela Maphalala said...

hi, thanks for the kings messengers quartet albums. but i still cannot find the albums "lead kindly light" and "its not an easy road". i miss those, please help.