Monday 18 July 2016

The Grasshoppers - Roadbump (Skyline 1975)

Electricjive started out seven years ago and over this time it's become a key reference point for out of print South African music. Despite posting less frequently we hope to continue our tradition of sharing material integral to the musical tapestry of South Africa and beyond.

And so back to 1975 and today's share which comes from a young group called the Grasshoppers playing organ-led soul grooves laced with guitar. It's difficult to tell what the commercial pressures behind the album were and how much artistic control the group had. They were lucky enough to get a record deal but I suspect the producer and record label were looking for a particular sound - in line with the soul and bump-jive sounds of 1975. But it's a slow burner so hoping you enjoy the journey.

The Grasshoppers - Roadbump (SK80151, Skyline 1975)
01. Roadbump
02. Vicks for Sale
03. You Again
04. Idelines Love
05. Philip on the Way
06. Sick Somebody
07. Send it Back
08. My Darling
09. Funny Game
10. Togetherness
11. I Am There
12. Home Again
13. Day Off
14. Siwelile

Philip "Skhiye" Ngubane (Lead Guitar), DeVilliers "Vics" Mkwayi (Bass), Rusters "Funny Funny" Mbata (Organ), Ndodeni "Mishak" Msimango (Drums), Thomas "Mishak" Msimango (drums)
Produced by Thomas Mdakane

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