Monday 26 May 2014

Reggae Special ala Bump Disco Soul Jive (1975)

Another one of those albums where cover and content do not quite add up - but upon playing it for the fist time I was just as happy to discover the unexpected. By 1975 reggae was gaining huge traction in urban South Africa - the message and the 60s ska residues made for a perfect fit. In real terms though, the marketing departments pretty much got ahead of the local musicians.

This album is not reggae, but three tracks of looping, loping bump jive and disco soul, to be filed on the same digital shelf that contains the best that Movers and the Nzimande All Stars were producing around the same time. Later this year I will share another "Reggae Revolution" album from 1976 which is more funk and soul than reggae, but tasty nonetheless.

The first track "Reggae Special" is more than ten minutes of lead-guitar and sax-led, bass-fed elliptical, funky off-centre driving bump-jive rhythm. "Springbok Dance" starts off almost exactly like that much-loved Bump Jive No. 6 from the Movers in which all the members of the band are introduced. Soon enough it swings into a more soul-centred funky guitar-led instrumental. "Bump Jive No 3" picks up on the overall theme. This is a clean and clear recording. Get it and enjoy it while you can.

Reggae Special: David Thekwane and the Brothers (1975)
SSL 0103

1. Reggae Special (10:25)
2. Springbok Dance (4:11)
3. Bump Jive No. 3 (9:42)

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  1. As gripping as 'Springbok Dance' may be/have been (back in the day), David Thekwane must clearly have run out ideas to present virtually the same tune with minor variations umpteen times - twice as The Movers' 'Bump Jive No. 6' parts 1 and 2; again twice as The Big Brothers' 'Lady Soul' parts 1 and 2. Five 'different' runs of the same composition, all in one year - 1975!
    A virtuoso like David Thekwane could surely have done better!

  2. Love the Movers albums you posted, so i'm sure i'll love this , too. Many thanks!


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