Wednesday 3 June 2015

The Beaters: Hot Dogs (1969)

Before I head into discographical territory; this is one laid-back, groovy hip-swinging psychedelic instrumental soul record from the band that became Harari. You can read how The Beaters became Harari here.

Whilst Harari's discography is well documented (here and here, for example), The Beaters are only mentioned in passing as having been the same band before they became Harari.

The discography of The Beaters is not clear. A quick search will reveal different and incomplete versions, most saying they recorded three albums. It seems there may have been as many as six albums..

Max Mojapelo in his book "Beyond Memory" writes that The Beaters were formed in 1968 and their first record "Soul A-Go-Go" was produced by Ray Nkwe in 1969 on the Teal label. I have not yet seen this record. Mojapelo goes on to say Bacon & Eggs  (1970) and Mumsy Hips (1974) were subsequent  albums on the GRC label.

The most likely explanation is that Soul A-Go-Go (featured on this album) was their first 45rpm single recording released. and that "Hot Dogs" was their first 33rpm album. "Lost Memories" on the CBS label is dated 1969. Though the label on Hot Dogs shared here today does not contain a date (and I do not possess the original cover) it is pretty certain that of the two CBS recordings Hot Dogs (LAB.4011) was published before Lost Memories (LAB.4017).
Lost Memories: 1969

The two opening track titles of each side of the record shared in this post are also the titles of what Mojapelo claims to be two 1970s albums by The Beaters. Mumsey's Hipsy and Bacon and Eggs. Perhaps these titles were re-released as 45rpms in the 1970s, and not as 33rpm albums?

If you can add to this information, please do drop us a line in the comments below. If a band can successfully release two full albums in 1969. surely there must be some additional recordings made before 1976?

The Beaters: Summary Discography

1. Soul A-Go-Go Teal (1969) - possibly only as a siingle
2. Hot Dogs - CBS LAB.4011 (1969)
3. Lost Memories - CBS LAB.4017 - (1969)  find it here.
4. Bacon & Eggs - GRC (1970) - possibly only as a single
5. Mumsy Hips - GRC (1974) - possibly only as a single.
6. Harari - 1976 - find it here

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