Monday 22 June 2015

Flavian Nyathi and the Blues Revolution: Ropa Re Zimbabwe

By popular request Electricjive reposts this Zimbabwean classic from 1980 - originally from the Matsuli blog:
"The first two Zimbabwean LPs I heard and subsequently taped from a friend (as you did back in those days of the TDK C90) were Thomas Mapfumo's Gwindingwe Rine Shumba and Flavian Nyathi's Ropa Re Zimbabwe. Thomas Mapfumo you should know along with other Zimbabweans such as Oliver Mtunkudzi. But how many of you have heard of Flavian Nyathi? No background information, just a classic LP full of revolutionary sentiment for better times. Have a listen and let me know if you agree on its status. If you look carefully you can see a Josh & Kathy's Soundland sticker, the Harare record bar frequented by many looking for exciting Zimbabwean pop." (Matt Temple)

Flavian Nyathi and the Blues Revolution - Ropa Re Zimbabwe (Gallo Records, Disc. KK 13, 1980)
Mwana Takamushaya
Ve Soweto
Ndikakunga Maivangu
Ropa ReZimbabwe
Pfumo Demo
Baba Namai
Hakuna Nyika Isna Rinda 



  1. Thanks a lot, I just listened to this one and it is indeed excellent!

    Here's hoping either Thomas or Oliver will perform again in europe soon, missed them both but I know they are still performing especially in the US...
    btw I would be enormously thankful if you could provide a new working download link for the very tasty looking 4 volume compilationof zimbabwean Hits "Hokoyo! Harare Hit Parade"...I am a late comer but that one looks crucial...

  2. Doyadig, glad you're loving these Zimbabwean vibes. We're working on getting those harare Hits reloaded and posted.....

  3. Thanks for the re-up. I had the album from back in the day, but it was at 160 kbps so I'm grateful for the 320 kbps re-up.

  4. Terrific album, many thanks Matt.

    I've been blogging and YouTubing the album (just focusing on the 1 track) hope that's ok with you.


  5. Thank you very much. This is collectors gold.


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