Friday 29 May 2015

Funky Soul Volume 1 (1982)

South African recordings on the Atlantic label generally do not disappoint. This one is a mixture of slow ballads with some strong more funky uptempo numbers from the likes of Kabasa, Xoliso, Marimba and Lerato.

The Kabasa tracks (Searchin; Happy Together) have featured on Electric Jive before.

Get Yourself Together from Xoliso is off their self-titled debut album. See picture to the right. Francis Gooding also points out that Stompie Mavi (featured as solo artist here) was also a member of Era, whose Manyano album you can find here. Thanks Francis.

Amanzi by Lerato is a funky conscious commentary on the importance of water. In the Lerato album shared here earlier on Electric Jive Matt writes: "Lerato (Sesotho for love) was a short-lived trio comprising Steve Woycieh (drums and percussion), Wally Fry (lead vocals) and Vuli Yeni (bass, saxophone and vocals). It's probably best filed under South African "cross-over", next to Izimpande or even Juluka. But still worth a listen even if the rock drumming accentuates the 4/4 timing a little too strong and leaves little space for the rhythm to breathe."


  1. Chiquilicuatre y ZappaWednesday, June 03, 2015

    thanks,Xoliso and the masterpiece and others know for me

  2. Love this post. Thank you very much for sharing.
    Alveo Lerato


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