Monday 14 June 2010

Sweet Sax Sweet Flute Sweet Spokes Mashiyane

World Cup distractions - mixed fortunes for Africa's sides ... but we wont bore you with the details here. It is however time to share some more early classic jive from Spokes Mashiyane  ... and now that Cameroon were burgled by Japan (sorry, I digress) ... when i first saw this cover I wondered as to the significance of the Japanese umbrella for Spokes in the early 60s ... today, well, Japan cast a big shadow in Africa. Well played Japan ... but I digress.

Great early 60s music from Spokes here. Thanks Siemon for the share! Enjoy ... and now for Italy ... P.S. if you did not get to listen to the Shyannes below ... do yourself a favour and pull that one your way too! Go Bafana, go Ghana!

RS here
MF here


  1. Kwela vs Vuvuzela: 2-0
    thanks a million for the sweet gem ftr.

  2. thanks nauma for the chuckle - vuvuzela's love or hate em have branded this carnival

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  4. Lord, I love Spokes Mashiyane. Thank you!

  5. Glad to hear it Michael, thanks - one of Spokes' earliest albums to follow in the next while

  6. Greetings and thanks indeed for this.
    I just added a link to here from my own recent Spokes Mashiyane post .
    best wishes from over here and keep up the great work...


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