Wednesday 9 June 2010

Soweto Soul Strut

This one is a big shout out to the good folks at Strut Records: Quinton Scott, Duncan Brooker and Francis Gooding. It comes via a matsuli link shared on his auction at eBay. Our hats off to Strut Records for the groundbreaking three volume Next Stop Soweto compilations. As the focus turn to the fields of dreams around the country we are sitting back and enjoying this seldom seen compilation of soul and fusion originals and covers all exceptionally produced by Hilton Rosenthal.

The Shyannes featuring The Firebirds and Philip Malela (Butterfly, LOC 8002, 1975)
1. Sky High (Donald Byrd) - The Shyannes
2. Never My Love (Andrissi)/Never Can Say Goodbye (Clifton Davis) - The Firebirds
3. Tiba Kamo (Ntuli, Khaoli, Mabuse) - Philip Malela
4. Osakai (Trad) - The Shyannes
5. Dirty Ol' Man (Gamble/Huff) - The Firebirds
6. Havana Strut (Deodata) - The Shyannes
7. When Will I See You Again (Gamble/Huff) - The Firebirds
8. A Man's World (Brown) - Philip Malela
9. You Touched Me (Caiphus Semnya/ Mel Dancy) - Mavis Maseko
10. Half Moon (J Hall) - The Shyannes
Produced by Hilton Rosenthal. Recorded by Paul Wright in the Gallo Studios.

Updated (2015) link here


  1. This is one serious LP. Can't believe no-one else has picked up on this. Thank you dabulamanzi & fortherecord ....

  2. Very interesting collection, never heard of any of these before. Thanks for the great education.


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