Saturday 19 June 2010

Joburg Love Trip Mix

Joburg Love Trip :: An Exclusive ElectricJive Mix
01 Bump Jive No 6 - Pts 1 & 2 - The Movers
02 The Webb - Makhona Zonke Band
03 Musikana - Harari
04 Somewhere There - Makhona Zonke Band
05 Johannesburg Love Trip - Thembi
06 Spinning Wheel with Lucky Mbatha vocals - The Drive
07 Sugar Pie - Spirits Rejoice
08 Loving Style - Mavis Maseko and the Movers
09 Lets Live Together - Mpharanyana
10 Joy - Spirits Rejoice
11 Please Tell Me Why - The Movers
12 Darling Darling - The Savers
13 Mary - Soul Brothers
14 Gimme Your Love - Margaret Singana
This one is specially dedicated to Duncan Brooker, Quinton Scott and Francis Gooding at Strut Records as a thank you for the brilliant Next Stop Soweto compilation series. Its about time!


  1. Thanks for this. Have been really enjoying the Strut compilation this last week

  2. Francis GoodingMonday, June 21, 2010

    Hello to everyone at electricjive, and can I just say what a truly superb job you have been doing here. Thanks for the dedication on yet another excellent post, and thanks for the support you have shown to the Next Stop series. Special shout goes out to the estimable Mr. Matsuli too, without whose help volume 3 would not be what it is. all the best, Francis

  3. Thanks guys, loving the mix bigtime.

  4. EXCELLENT MIX. Thanks lot !!!

  5. excellent!!!
    big quest, isthere the full "slow drive to soweto" and more music from Lucky Mbatha. thanka a lot!

  6. There is a full LP of Slow Drive to Soweto which we will look to schedule. On the Lucky Mbatha side we are not aware of any full LPs under his name.

  7. Hey - I was all excited to listen to this, but after I unzipped the file I got a msg that said the file was corrupt. Can you upload again? Thanks!

  8. Dabulamanzi has just tried the mediafire link and the file is unpacking OK - it is an MP4 (AAC) file


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