Saturday 5 December 2009

Stay on top with “The Syndicate” (1975)

Graduating with Soul 103, the Syndicate dish up mellow mid-tempo “jive lounge” instrumentals just right for a Sunday afternoon’s relaxing. Groovy keyboard work with sax and guitar explorations.
The fourth track "Lerato" was written by Selby Ntuli, who was band leader and co-founder of the Beaters and Harari with Hotstix Mabuse. Ntuli died in 1978.

Matt over at Matsuli in London has agreed to help us offload our few extra copies we have of these three Syndicate vinyls – international parcel postage from South Africa has become prohibitive, and so we have set up a sporadic vinyl exchange and courier service via travelling friends. Any South Africa-based readers who are interested in purchasing unplayed warehouse copies of these records give me a shout at: recordforthe at gmail dot com. Exchange and barter would be good to. First come first served.

1. Pezulu (8.35) The Wanders
2. Khona Part 1 (2.28) M. Mhlanga
3. Khona Part 2 (2.29) M. Mhlanga
4. Lerato (9.07) Selby Ntuli
5. Dithabeng (9.25) M. Mhlanga

Produced and Arranged by Martin Mdelwa Mhlanga - A Sweet City Production


  1. Another killer album, Chris! "Pezulu" is a sublime groove, beautiful keys, solid break beat and not an overpowering sax. How to follow that up... keep that flow...? Hmm maybe go to a little Peter King "Mr. Lonely Wolf" or flip it right into "Summer in the City" with Quincy Jones... You guys keep expanding my horizons with your outstanding blog. Lovin' it.

    Again, mad respect! Vaya

  2. Many thanks Vaya - I am glad you are lovin it too. Your comment got me to give it another listen ... am happy I did.

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  4. Hi there! This is a sublime album. The link is dead, would it be possible to reupload it please? Thank you so much.


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