Wednesday 9 December 2009

Malompo Jazz (c 1967)

Well, here is that elusive and rare Malompo Jazz LP in which Lucas (Lucky) Ranku stands in for Philip Tabane, who had fallen out with Julian Bahula and Abbey Cindi at the time.

Do have a look at Matsuli’s Malombo Discography here: This recording is perhaps more important as an historical milestone, than for any ground-breaking musical content. You be the judge.

From the back cover: “ABBEY CINDI is a Pretorian Fingo and he leads the trio. He is 27 years old and a batchelor. He is an unassuming man who is dedicated to the flute which he plays with astounding ability and feeling. In this LP he also plays the harmonica and makes wonderful improvisations with talks in “Abbey’s Mood” with it. In this track Abbey certainly excels himself. He also does the singing in “Zimbababelo.

“JULIAN BAHULE is 27 years old and is of Pedi origin. Always serious when pounding the malombo drums, he takes you through a maze of moods which range from deep sadness and whirl up to an ecstasy which usually leaves the listener way up in the clouds. The Julian, the frugally –composed near-genius, will tell you that he had been chasing an elusive ghost while he was pounding the malombo drums.

“This is his second LP with ABBEY CINDI. In the first, under the banner of THE MALOMBO JAZZ MEN jockeyed by the ace guitarist, PHILLIP TABANE, they had six tracks in the “1964 JAZ FESTIVAL WINNERS” collector’s album.

"LUCAS RANKU in this soulful session replaces Phillip who broke off from the original Malombos on guitar. Lucas was “discovered” by Abbey while he was strumming his guitar at a party in Vlakfontein, Pretoria a few weeks after the Tabane walk-out. He immediately recongised his potentialities and asked him to join his group which was in need of a guitarist. Lucas did himself proud after a number of rehearsals.

"In this sitting there is a vocalist HILDA TLOUBATLA, of the MOTELLA QUEENS, belting a catchy tune called “Jikeleza”.

"The MALOMBO JAZZMAKERS are really cut out to be on top of the jazz scene for quite some time.

“World” Jazz Critic,"

All tracks composed by Abbey Cindi.
1. Abbey’s Mood
2. Lullaby for Angels
3. Grab this for me
4. Emakhaya
5. Blues after lunch
6. Babelo
7. Intandane
8. A Tribute to Birds
9. Root of Africa
10. Vuma Mbari
11. Lousy Fever
12. Jikeleza

Gallotone GALP 1464
Thanks to Tony McGregor for making this recording available.


  1. many thanks for this gem...long sought after!!...

  2. Yr blog is so great!!


  3. Thanks! Any Malombo (or Malompo) is always welcomed!! Wonderful post....

  4. Belated thanks for this rare gem. Lovely.

  5. May I second the emotion from above? A re-upload would be super apreciated... Even if a bit less than half of the tracks have been reissued on the strut records compilation, recently. What about the other half?

  6. I have somehow managed to lose my downloaded copy of this fine LP since I made my previous comment 8 years ago. I have, of course, bought the wonderful Strut compilation, but would love to have the whole album again. May I plead for it to be re-uploaded? Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much, Chris. Playing it now. I love this album dearly and I'm very pleased to have it back - one of so many that I am grateful to Electric Jive for making available.


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