Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Soul "ahem" Man Mpharanyana

"To the East of Johannesburg in Kathlehong, Germiston The Wavelets backed one of the most powerful voices in township soul - Jacob Radebe aka Mpharanyana. Some of the members of this band were Lloyd Lelosa who would later be a diligent producer and Stimela's keyboardist. Their hits includes Se Di Tsebise Mary and So Dull Without Here. In fact, Mpharanyana's career was mainly associated with three bands: The Peddlars of Springs, the Wavelets of Kathlehong and The Cannibals, whose members included Raymond Chikapa Phiri and Isaac "Mnca" Mtshali from Nelspruit. Most of Mpharanyana's hits were in Sesotho...One of the musicians who used to attend his recording sessions told me what I always thought was "style" was actually a coughing problem. The tape would be stopped so many times during recording sessions for him to cough, until one day his producer West decided he should just cough within the songs. To most people it became his trade mark." Max Mojapelo from his book Beyond Memory: Reording the History, moments and Meories of SOuth African Music
(The Peddlers later backed Dick Khoza on his seminal Chapita LP for the AsShams label.



  1. hello.Thanks...
    but the cough story?
    It's the same for Olivier Mutukudzi
    later he stopped the coughing.

  2. Can't believe I missed this the first time round. Downloading right now...

    Many thanks

  3. Amazing..........Thanx a million for sharing this.been looking all over the place for this classics from the townships.BLESSSSSS

  4. Late on this one but link still work :) Fantastic! Thanks a lot


  5. I am actually looking for the song; "So dull without her" and "Mary" by mparanyana. Any lucky of finding it?

  6. 'So Dull Without Her' makes the two of us. You probably mean 'Mary' (aka Se Di Tsebise Mary) by The Wavelets with Mpharanyana on vocals. As solo artist he had another track also titled 'Mary' (totally different). Throw in 'You Are So Good to Me' which for me surpasses the Otis Redding original 'Good to Me' and you have three blockbusters that define soul singer Jackie 'Mpharanyana' Radebe. Give me your address and I will email you a clip I have.

  7. Sadness. Link doesn't work.

    But you guys are still awesome and have turned me on to such amazing albums. The Beaters Harari is one of my go to albums. Love Love Love. Many many thanks!

  8. Thanks for alerting us to the link being down - hopefully Matt can help us with an alternate link?

  9. Really appreciate this website! you guys should be given citizen's awards for keeping and bringing these memories to life!


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