Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sukasambe Seventies South African Soul Hits

This compilation of rather special South African 1974/75 Soul Hits is gleaned from two records on the Ring Label that revealed themselves to me on a dig last week. Under a stack of disused theatre seats there was this leaning tower of sleeveless dusty LPs. A fun weekend of cleaning, digitising and a little splicing brings you this soulful South African soundtrack , especially for one of those lazy days off work. Ring were targeting a diverse South African “soul-craving” public who, despite apartheid boycotts in the 1970s, were still getting visits from the likes of Tina Turner, Doby Gray, and Percy Sledge. These Ring compilations sprinkled in some international hits, but this mix focuses mostly on those composed by South Africans – see label pics for details. Not being in possession of the record covers I am unable to tell you who the performers are, except that the band was called "The Moonlight Expressions" – all help and suggestions are most welcome – please! What I am sure of is that there is an appreciable South African audience who, if they were to hear this compilation, will be transported back through an intense and soulfully ingrained lost sound-track from their lives.
1. Intro from 1975 record
2. My Friend
3. Nomali
4. Julia
5. Say It
6. Preacher Man
7. Lorraine
8. My Girl
9. Hot Coffee
10. Hot Tea
11. Tau Special
12. I’ll Take You There
13. Change My Mind

Mediafire download link HERE


  1. Heita Chris. Nice finds. Looks like this is by the Moonlight Expressions goign by the label. You know the deal..producer looks to make some bucks, grabs some studio musicians, copies whats on the hit parade and bob's your uncle...well maybe back in those days....keep on digging

  2. Thanks Matt :-) I wonder, is there anyone out there who might know who the personnel of The Moonlight Expressions were?

  3. Congratulations for the great blog.I have these 2 LPs but there is nothing on the covers mentioning the band,only on the labels you can see the name of the Moonlight Expressions.Also the A side of my vol. 1 does not match the record,so it was the first time I could hear songs like "Nomali",that I like a lot.Many thanks and congratulations,again.

  4. I found this link on the web - seems the record label for the single was TAM TAM - Anyone has near perfect copies of both the songs - Julia and Miss Starlight?

    1. Did you find good copies of the songs?

  5. Hmmm! Seems the last part of the link (.html) got cut off

    Is Moonlight Expressions a Kenyan group? I remember a full LP from them while I in high school - early 70's

  6. Not able to help out there...sorry>

  7. Where can I find music of south african bands called the Hurricanes and the Question Marks to download?

  8. Great collection. Do you think you could re-activate this link?

    Sukasambe Seventies South African Soul Hits

  9. Anyone has this?

  10. You can now download some of The Hurricanes and The Question Marks music on You Tube.Not a lot.Wish to access a lot more please if somebody has the music?

  11. Anyone out there with the album of the Question Marks titled "dance with the Question Marks?


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