Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Minerals - Sweet Soweto (1976)

A very lucky off-chance find whilst digging in a London shop. Originally priced at R5.99 with a Kohinor Kort Street price sticker! In a few comments on other posts a number of people have requested this LP and so here it is.

The Minerals are: Thelma Segona (organ/piano/vocals), Ronnie Makhondo (percussion/vocals), Nick Kunene (lead guitar/vocals), Jonas Mkhabela (bass), Joseph Tshabalala (drummer), Isaac Moraba (vocalist), and Jimmy Mojapelo (composer and leader).

A wonderful mix of soul, philly-styled funk on the 13 minute title tune and breezy Soweto pop. (OK, cheesy pop and a few great moments!)


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Drive - Live (1975, RCL 1203)

You thought we had gone! But we're back, briefly for the first posting of 2017! By special request from a number of people, specifically for the track Africa Bossa, here is South African soul jazz funk band from the early seventies - The Drive. Whilst this is titled Drive Live it is in fact a studio recording with overdubbed crowd sounds. 

We have posted a number of other Drive LPs at electricjive before. You can check them out here.

Of interest to many will be the appearance of Bheki Mseleku on keys.