Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Getting Funky with the Cannibals

Back into the Soweto Soul groove with this 1979 outing Get Funky from Ray Phiri's group The Cannibals. Phiri was to later form the group Stimela and work with Paul Simon on the Gracelands project. The Get Funky LP was recorded soon after untimely death of Jacob Radebe aka Mpharanyana's in 1979. No-one, not even the Cannibals, were quite able to fill the gap left by his passing. Enjoy!
The Cannibals - Get Funky (BL213, 1979)
1. Get Funky
2. Tell Every Mother
3. Angelina
4. I Want to Preach Love
5. Hlokomela
Produced by Marks Makwane
Paul Ndlovu (vocals), Isaac Mtshali (drums), Ray Phiri (guitar), Richard Shongwe (bass), Anna Sikwane (vocals), Ephraim Hlophe (keyboard)



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