Thursday 19 May 2016

Western Stars Conquers East: 1982

Congolese rumba was huge in Kenya, especially via the ASL label which recorded and pressed albums in Nairobi. This 1982 offering “Western Stars Conquers East” features four extended tracks from four Congolese music greats; Dizzy Mandjekou, Vata Mombassa, Asi Kapela, and Theo Blaise.

There are a number of very good blogs and discograpjhies where you can read  persons more knowledgeable on the Congolese musical diaspora in East Africa. Try these for starters: muszikifan; kentanzavinyl and eastafricanmusic.

I highlighted in my last post that in 1985 Kenya’s President Arap Moi ordered the deportation of foreign musicians in Kenya. A few of you pointed out that the ‘ban’ was short-lived as there were unanticipated political implications in the form of an uproar from tavern owners around the country. To soften matters further Tabu Ley composed something of a political praise song “Nakei Nairobi” (Let’s go to Nairobi) for Mbilia Bel to sing. The ban did not last long.

ASLP 949 (1982)

1. Maitre Dizzy (Mandjeku): Saila Pt.1 & Pt. 2
2. Vata Mombassa: Mokili Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
3. Asi Kapela: Sama Sama Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
4. Theo Blaise: Bella Amicha Pt. 1 & Pt.

Download here


  1. Chris, this is wonderful, especially the Asi Kapela for my tastes. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Sun Ira for stopping by and leaving a comment. More East African gems to flow in a month or two.

  3. The song Sama Sama from Asi Kapela is a killer one, can't stop playing it, addictive...
    Wait for some more East African gems.


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