Thursday 26 May 2016

Nguashi Ntimbo (1981)

OK to round off our very pleasant diversion into Congolese rumba via the lens of East Africa, herewith an offering from TP OK Jazz vocalist Nguashi Ntimbo. Ntimbo frequented Nairobi, and was hugely successful with Shauri Yako (your problem), sung in Swahili, and one of my all-time favourites. It was later covered by, among others, Orchestra Super Mazembe. You can check the original song out by clicking on the image below :
In-between working with Franco and OK Jazz as a vocalist and composer, Ntimbo also had his own bands that he toured with. Today's offering is a 1981 Kenyan pressing of recordings he made with  the bands: "Festival du Zaire" as well as "Orchestres Sentima." On another day I will share another of his recordings with the band Citoyen.

From what I read on the internet, I am led to understand that the tracks featured on this Kenyan compilation album are not released on any other recording. Perhaps others among you who know more about these things might clarify? Either way, this is great Congolese rumba music - enjoy!

NGUASHI NTIMBO: "In na ndima ba pasi ya mokili "
ASLP 923, 1981
All songs composed by Nguashi Ntimbo
Made in Kenya
1. Moto Moto parts 1 & 2, 
2. Lacaza, 
4. Nzambe Mungu
5. Bondumba
6. Sawa Sawa" parts 1 & 2.

Download link here


  1. Love east african rumba

  2. Thanks for this lovely sidetrack away from South African music. Really enjoyable!

  3. For personal reasons I like Nguashi Ntimbo, a part of my african music education.
    I got only 2 Lp of him:
    - T.P. Ok Jazz & Nguashi N'timbo - Banganga ya moyindo - Lp Edition Nguashi N'timbo NT 001 (published also by Musicanova - Bxl - Be : Musicanova MUS 002 FP)
    - Nguashi Ntimbo - Kekete-Bwe! - Buaka ye, wa-wa - Edition JTN Music 001
    Differents blogs posted some of his creations, YouTube also, but honestly in poor quality. So as the 'Shauri yako' you linked. Scratch on music is not a good reasons to encode in low rate.
    So thank a lot for your post who pleased me a lot this morning.
    Good day.

  4. Thanks for this. I have a number of his LPs, but not this one. Looking forward to listening to it. The "Citoyen" album was made with his Orchestre Sentima.

  5. The download link is no longer working. I really need this.


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