Sunday 13 July 2014

The Moonlight Expressions: How Long (1975)

Some gems in this South African seventies soul offering - from Sankie Chounyane, through Sophie Thapedi, to Booker T. Jones. The instrumental cover of the Temptations' "My Girl" worms its way into your ear. Johnny this one is for you.

My stand-out favourite is the excellent cover of the socially conscious Staple Singers' 1973 number one "If You Ready". Eleven years after this particular recording was made, Jonathan Butler and Ruby Turner in 1986 turned this same song into a township anthem.

If you enjoyed the Sophie Thapedi and Lulama Legola album posted by Siemon not so long ago - here - this record offers great versions of "How Long" and "Change My Mind".

Quite who comprised the "Moonlight Expressions" remains a mystery. This Johannesburg-based band were popular enough to have records cut in Kenya. To my untrained ear it does sound as if Sophie Thapedi was the vocalist?

Nearly five years ago I shared a pretty scratchy Moonlight Expressions compilation squeezed out of two cover-less damaged records I had found. You can find that here. The recording offered in this post is much cleaner and clearer.

Mediafire here
Rapidshare here


  1. Thank you very much - I am looking forward to listening to it!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this great album with us.
    Have been listening it twice now, and I like it a lot.


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