Monday, 3 March 2014

Sophie Thapedi and Lulama Legola (1975)

Here is a great soul jive LP I meant to post on EJ in 2011 but somehow it slipped through the digital cracks. Produced by David Thekwane, side A features songs by vocalist Sophie Thapedi while side B is all Lulama Legola. It is my best guess that the backing group here is none other than the prolific Movers. Most of the tracks are penned by Sankie Chounyane, the keyboardist for that group, and... to be sure, the 7" single of How Long is credited to Sophie Thapedi and the Movers. How Long is simply a classic! You can also hear Sophie Thapedi on a single with the Soul Throbs from Chris' Soul on Special Offer mix. More pics of the cover can be viewed at FlatInternational. Enjoy!

Sophie Thapedi & Lulama Legola
Soul Soul
SSL 0107


  1. Siemon, I think that the backing band is definitely the Movers - certainly the version of How Long is exactly as per the 7" single released under The Mover name.

  2. Thanks so much for this!!! Your post exactly matches my mood listening to music like this :)
    'How long', 'Love again' and 'My boy friend' are just mind-blowing!!
    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  3. any chance for a mediafire link?

  4. A great album - thanks for this, Siemon. And a quick note: the male vocals on "Love Me Forever" and "My Boy Friend" are provided by the wonderful Jacob Radebe aka Mpharanyana!

  5. Many thanks, Siemon. Save for 'Change My Mind' I didn't know any of the other tracks except as the original music on which each of them was based. The album just reminded me of how some people can make 'new' songs out of existing music. Listen to Miriam Makeba's 'Hauteng' restyled as 'My Friend' and The Temptations' 'Get Ready' as 'Faith'. They just forgot to change the same outfit's 'My Girl' into the 'My Boy' that Lulama sings. My highlight is their fusion of The Movers' 'Special Job' and Ipi-Tombi's 'Andy's Song' into 'Bump Jive'. Henceforth, I'm also 'composing' my own songs by revamping old tunes by changing the tempo and creating my own lyrics:-)

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  8. theres no link for this?

  9. Hey guys, what happened to the link to the music of this legend? Thank you for keeping our music out of the grave


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