Tuesday 24 June 2014


Yesterday Electric Jive reached a milestone of one million page views! And July 2014 marks the fifth year since Chris and Matt launched this blog... and so thank you all who have visited these pages over the last 60 months!!!

What better way to celebrate than with this elusive instrumental mbaqanga compilation: The Best of Number One Records (N 9000). Number One was developed in 1972 by EMI, South Africa as a budget label and this unique sampler disc features nearly one track from each of their first fifteen LPs (N 9001 - N 9015). The label is perhaps best known for re-issuing some of the most desirable SA LPs of the mid to late 1960s, including: Armitage Road by the Heshoo Beshoo Group, the 1964 Castle Lager Jazz Festival featuring the Malombo Jazz Men, Nomvula's Jazz Dance by the Jazz Ministers, and a number of albums by The Kings Messengers Quartet (which still leads EJ in the most page views).

Ironically (or typically) this album does not feature any artists names, even though it is labeled as a "Special Sample Record for the SABC" (South African Broadcasting Corporation). Most tracks are attributed to Tom Vuma and/or P. Manthata, but some of the albums have been featured here at EJ so we can extrapolate at least these four artists: Alfred Ndima (N 9005), The Black Eagles (N 9006). The Moon Stars (N 9009) and Abafana Basekhaya (N 9015). Of course there is the possibility that these are all the same session musicians, but if anyone is able to identify any of the other artists, please let us know.

The Best of Number One Records
Various Artists
Number One (EMI)
N 9000


  1. Congratulations all
    I still get LOTS of pleasure from your postings and have had the reflected glory of being able to recommend your pages / posts to several friends.

    Keep at it please even though we are silent we are still here and still in awe of what you have achieved with you words and you sharings.

    thanks d

  2. Well, I've probably contributed to about one ten thousandth of those page visits over the years. Thanks for everything--it is much appreciated.

  3. Leaping about to this as I type (which is not easy). Many thanks for all these years of great posts - some of the greatest music I've ever heard has come from Electric Jive,and some of the very best, most informative and most thoughtful annotations on any blog about anything. And you're still going strong! If I sometimes forget to comment it's because I like to listen before saying anything, and for that I apologise. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  4. would you please find Izintombi zesimanjamanje the album title is called Nomali

  5. Happy birthday and many thanks for all the gorgeous music you introduced me to over the years!
    Digging back into the archive, i was very much surprised to find even links from 2009 still being active. Great service!

    Here's a little present for you:

  6. Congrats guys! What a journey and what a treasure. Keep it up for another 60 months please!

  7. Thanks for all this nice music!

  8. you are too generous; educators and entertainers. massive sincere thanks for sharing these treasures. i likely won't go back to FM radio soon...!
    all the best!


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