Thursday 3 October 2013

Super Soul: The Sounds (1974)

Time for a dose of funky mostly upbeat South African instrumental soul. Hugh Masekela's "Thiba Kamoo" gets a great work-out here. Another track from this album to feature on the earlier Electric Jive June 2012 mix-tape preview is "Bushy Mayanka" .

The Number One label marketed by EMI Music for Pleasure seemed to produce mostly low-price instrumental albums targeted at the urban township market. This particular album still has its "Checkers" super-market price tag of R1.99.

While the marketing may have been cut-price, lovers of this early seventies funky-soul, slightly psychedelic genre will be very pleasantly surprised at this offering. Buried in this here album are some juicy samples just itching and waiting patiently to be lifted and re-worked.

Other than listing composers (see back cover) there is no further information provided on the who the musicians might be. Do Enjoy!

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  1. Anyone with a copy of Umlazi No Name Brothers?

  2. Chris, I immediately download almost anything new that I see on EJ and I check constantly. Abafana Basekhaya's 'Apollo 12' was no exception. The only thing unusual is that I didn't have time to listen to the album soon enough but when I did a month later, oh boy! I found myself unable to listen to anything else. The sound took me to my boyhood days some 40 years and although I didn't come to know these guys way back then it was suddenly I was listening to some reincarnation of Bra Sello's funky/jazzy/soulful sax jive. We grew thinking that only a black man in SA could ever understand this kind of sound. More wrong one could never be but apartheid gave us the perception! I'm optimistic I'll be hearing more of the legendary Selby 'Bra Sello' Mmutung's vibes before long.

  3. Could someone please upload the two albums recorded by a group called "The Vikings" in 1959-1961? According to Wikipedia, Manfred Mann had founded this group before he left for the UK.

  4. Hi Anonymous...I'm not sure that the Wiki on Manfred Mann is correct. My great uncle (Al Bentley) was the vocalist in teh Viking son their first album and all references to the personel on the two albums they recorded make no mention of Manfred Lubowitz (as he was then). Here's a link to see their recordings ... if you like I can provide a link to the Pepsi Club recording?

  5. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the clarification. I think that the Wikipedia poster confused Manfred's schoolboy band with the actual band. Any recordings you can post would be much appreciated.

  6. A belated thanks Manzo for your wonderful encouragement and regular comments, it lifts me! Thanks Franco for dropping by and taking the time to say "thanks".


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