Sunday 20 October 2013

Greetings from Africa - Michael LBS and National Wake

Michael Lebese

South Africa's most influential punk band - National Wake - have just  released an anthology of their work through Light in the Attic records. Walk in Africa is a wonderful testament to the band and includes an in-depth essay from Punk in Africa director Keith Jones. Back in the early days of the Matsuli site I highlighted the band through three postings including the share of a recording that grey out of the National Wake family. That LP is credited to Michael LBS (aka Mike Lebese) and includes a number of songs that were part and parcel of the National Wake live catalogue.(Corner House, Going Away, and Sitting on the Beat)

The earliest line-up of National Wake including Paul Giraud and Mike Lebese

The album is a stepping stone of sorts, marking a place on the musical landscape between the afropunk of National Wake, the conscious afro-jazz sounds of groups like Tou, Afrika and the Malopoets and the Soweto reggae bands Splash and Dread Warriors. I've always had it in my head that Michael chose to give himself the moniker LBS after LKJ. Note the Tapper Zukie LP on the cover. There was even a record store in Jo'burg called Vinyl Jah-nkies.

Michael LBS - Greetings From Africa (RRC 2246, 1981)
1. Standing in the Sun
2. We Make it Happen
3. Alexander
4. Sitting on the Beat
5. Cornerhouse Stone
6. Africa's Request
7. Do You Leave Us So
8. Feel In Love
9. Going Away
Produced by Herbert, engineered by Phil Audiore and Graham Handley at Satbel
Band The Stars, all composed, mixed and arranged by Michael Lebese
Thanks Punka Gerald and Ivan Kadi K.O., cover by Dan Roberts

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  1. Hi, I'm really interested in this album, but rapidshare is capping the download speed at 22.5 kb/s, resulting in a near 14 hour download! I tried it yesterday, thinking this would be a one-time issue, but it's the same today...
    Could it be possible to share this on another hosting service too? :) Thanks for the awesome work you guys are doing! Always brightening up my weekends.

  2. I have the same problem Thats will be a great idea , share this to mediafire !

  3. Fantastic, thanks so much for your work! :D The download was complete in 40 seconds. Awesome!


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