Monday 16 July 2012

Teta Lando - Independencia (Angola, 1975)

We sojourn once more outside South Africa to bring you one of the more significant recordings of Angola by Teta Lando, which was issued shortly after independence.

"1961 marks the year of the start of the struggle against colonial oppression. The people's desire for freedom spread through the countryside like bushfire. The grief and pain do not mean despair because the goal of independence was clear. This long play record launching CDA captures the chant and dress expression of an artist who is the voice of the people. The need to forget the harshness of the struggle and the joy of announcing victory is signalled. Teta Lando is devoted to the people, no-one better than he could sing Indepencencia." (translated from the original liner notes)

And from various sources on the web: Alberto Teta Lando (1948 – 2008) was born in Mbanza Congo, the capital city of Zaire Province in the north of the country. His music focused on Angolan identity, the country's civil war, the saudades (nostalgia, melancholy and longing) of Angolan exiles, as well as young love and family. He spoke and sung in both the Portuguese and Kikongo languages. Among his most well known songs were "Irmao ama teu irmao" ("Brother, Love Your Brother") and "Eu vou voltar" ("I Will Return"). He died in Paris, France, on 14 July 2008, after battling cancer. During the last several years of his life, he managed to re-unite a group of many Angolan musicians.

Teta Lando - Independencia (NALP6000)
2. Irmao Ama O Teu Irmao
3. Cecilia
4. Lulendo Mpaxi
5. Luvuvamo
6. Lembele Iembele
7. Angolano Segue Em Frente
8. Poto Poto Barro
9. Menina De Nove Anos
10. Pele Escura
Issued by Companha De Decca De Angola (CDA)


  1. Thanks a lot for this one, Matt! I posted a later record of his about a year ago on my site.

  2. amazing record! great to see it being shared! thanks!

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  4. Wonderful, wonderful record - thank you for this one!!

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    Thks for the article
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  7. Hi unknown - the rapidshare (rs) link seems to be working fine. Chris

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