Sunday 1 July 2012

Sunday at the Chor Bazaar

OK, so what is it about this vinyl bug that when we get one day spare in a new city, those afflicted amongst us also get to see it through the lens of finding vinyl? 

I could not resist sharing these pictures of my visit to the 'thieves market' in Mumbai today. Lots of vinyl, if you are looking for Bollywood, and for old 78rpms. But I was just happy to look and enjoy the 'movie'. Thanks Paul Buttery for pointing me to the Chor Bazaar - a multi-sensory feast.

Each alleyway has its main thematic focus, with rooms and stalls packed to the rafters with just about anything second-hand you could be looking for. Lots of antiques restoration going on.

The gramophone wallah's can be found on Mutton Street, one street down from the car parts, batteries and metalwork.

Plenty of restored 78rpm players, piles of records, and yes, you can still find The Beatles and Elvis on Indian 78rpm pressings. No African vinyl though. :-)

Normal Electric Jive service will resume shortly.

1 comment:

  1. Chris, I can see where your priorities are!
    Didn't you just leave SA this morning?
    Thanks for the great pics.
    Hope you enjoy you time in India!!!


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