Friday 25 May 2012

Shis'umbango (1971, Quality, LTJ245)

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a favourite record shop in West London and came across this early mbaqanga compilation. Featuring lesser known artists and issued on the short lived Quality label (that also released Dudu and the Spears featured earlier at electricjive). A lovely way to liven up your Friday. Enjoy!

Various Artists - Shis'umbango (1971, Quality, LTJ245)
1. Masinga - Mandla and the Apollo Queens
2. Inhlola Mvula - Mandla and the Apollo Queens
3. Amazinyane - Bhekitshe and the Stringmasters
4. Elwandle - Bhekitshe and the Stringmasters
5. She Walked Away - G. Sebusi and the Paper Dolls
6. Silver Rand - G. Sebusi and the Paper Dolls
7. I Bhodo Lenyama - The Sweet Sixteens
8. Ngiyamkhalela - The Sweet Sixteens
9. Inkomo Zam No 2 - Bhekitshe and the Stringmasters
10. Dudu - Bhekitshe and the Stringmasters
11. Le Ntombi - Vivian and the Paper Dolls
12. Buyela 'Kapa - Vivian and the Paper Dolls


  1. gorgeous mbaqanga obscurities! personal thanks Matt and glad that you keep sharing love from electricjive.

  2. i was listening to this today. its really good.

    the two songs by The Sweet Sixteens are especially great.

    do you think there is more music out there by that group?

  3. GD, I'm sure there is, however whether it appeared under that group name or another is anyone's guess. The practice of changing or disguising group names for commercial reasons (benefitting mostly the producer or record label)appears to have been a widespread practice in the heyday of popular mbaqanga.

  4. GD - I have a single - 45rpm Troubadour SPA892 Sweet Sixteens - Awungifanelanga / Uthululeni : not in the greatest condition, but I will make a plan to include it in one or another year-end mix - thanks for asking. I think it came from either Siemon or Nick, but the EJ team also has a digi of a Sounds of Africa 1969 recording with four songs by the Sweet Sixteens - Trutone, TBL2, 1969 Inkomo Zam; Lendoda; Somandla; Mbuzi Mbuzi ... so hang in there - I am hopeful we can get to share these

  5. Question about the group/artist names:

    On the photo of the cover so helpfully included with the post, it says

    "Gebusi and the Paper Dolls"


    "Bhekitshe and the Sweet Sixteens."

    Yet in your track list, you list songs by

    "G. Sebusi and the Paper Dolls"


    "Bhekitshe and the Stringmasters."

    Despite being advertised on the cover, there appear to be no actual tracks by artists named "Gebusi and the Paper Dolls" and "Bhetitshe and the Sweet Sixteens" (at least in your track listing).

    So my question is: Are the front-cover artist names listed differently on the back cover, or on the vinyl label itself -- or are there typos the post's track listing?

    There's gotta be a mistake somewhere, because the names don't match, but I don't have enough information to figure out which are the right names are which are the typos!

    On a different note, I also have a question about lyrics: What is the first line of my favorite track, "Silver Rand"? It seems to go something like, "Silver rand, I had no choice, I had to ___ ___ for you every day." I've listened repeatedly, but still can't decipher what he's saying. Since I can't stop myself from humming this song over and over, I'd like to know what it's about!

  6. Just getting around to listening to this. Really nice, great happy music to start the day. Thank you for all you do.

  7. Just getting around to listening to this. Really nice, great happy music to start the day. Thank you for all you do.


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