Friday 13 April 2012

Zulu Vocal Jive (1976)

Following up on the Zulu and jive theme, herewith a 1976 compilation of mostly mbaqanga, featuring three bands: John Makhatini and the Phi Queens, Amalanda Amahlope, Abamakoti.

Two songs featured by John Makhatini talk to South Africa's biggest derby football rivalry, between that of Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. Chiefs fans, even if they have just fired their coach and don't look like winning any trophies this year, will be happy to have the jiving song of praise for their founder, Kaizer Motaung. Pirates fans wont be disappointed either, especially as they are currently top of the league.

And for those of you who read this far - I can't help myself in letting you know of a find of some previously unheard and unreleased reel to reel recordings that will excite South African jazz fanatics. Think 1965 - Nick Moyake, Duku Makassi, Tete Mbambisa, Dennis Mpale, Psyche Big T Ntsele - a live gig at the Ambassadors in Woodstock, Cape Town. And that's not all. Talk to you next month. Cheers.

Rapidshare Link here
Mediafire Link here


  1. Hello Chris,

    As a fan of SA Jazz, I'm eager to know more.

    Best regards


  2. Hi Tumo - I am sorry but the vinyl is not for sale. X V. I hope you enjoy the download though. Best wishes

    1. Hi Chris, wasn't aware of your reply. Where is the link download link? tnx

    2. Hi Tumo - click on the text "here" below the back cover picturte where it says "Mediafire link here". I have just re-tested the link and it is still 100%. Enjoy


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