Friday 27 April 2012

Awesome Cassette from Africa (1977)

ATFA, I hope you don't mind!

I couldn't resist making a mid-week post continuing the thread from earlier this week featuring pioneering maskandi performer John Bhengu better known as Phuzushukela. For more background see the earlier post here.

In many ways this was the album I was looking to post on Monday, but the source, an original cassette from 1977 (literally 35 years old) had unfortunately seen better days. The album is excellent, and I have tried to clean it up as best I can, though imperfections remain, primarily on the first track and a bit on the second. Still, this is a classic album and like the one posted earlier this week is produced by Hamilton Nzimande and also features Noise Khanyile on violin.

I hope you enjoy!

Asambeni Siye Kwelakithi
50 14
(original LP, LZG 14)


  1. Wonderful album...thank you greatly for this share.

  2. Looks amazing. Would very much love a re-up.


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