Monday 15 August 2011

The Movers play Mannenberg

There's an ownership dispute at the heart of South African jazz composition and anthem Mannenberg. Those disputing Abdullah Ibrahim's authorship point to it being a slowed down version of a Zacks Nkosi tune Jackpot. For this reason Lulu Masilela approached the Movers to record the song and have it credited to Nkosi. Producer David Thekwane refused to let Lulu and the Movers credit Nkosi but they did have the pleasure of seeing their version outsell Ibrahim's.

Listen to Jacks Nkosi's Jackpot

Watch and listen to Abdullah Ibrahim's version

The Movers - Repeat After Me (GEN-3007, 1974; also City Special CYL1029)
1. Mannenberg
2. Change My Love
3. Repeat After Me
Produced by David Thekwane.
Movers: Sam Thabo (drums), Archie Mohkaka (drums), Sankie Chounyane (piano, organ), Oupa Hlongwane (lead guitar), Norman Hlongwane (bass guitar), Peter Moteolhe (bass guitar), Lulu Masilela (alto sax), Thomas Phale (alto sax), David Thekwane (alto sax), Dakkie Tau (lead guitar), Robert Mbele (tenor sax)



  1. Thanks a lot,for this great share.Mr.Thekwane was right this is definately more Mannenberg than Jackpot. Koos

  2. Love the Movers! Thank you!!

  3. The ironic thing about this is that, despite how incensed Lulu & co were about Ibrahim 'stealing' a Zacks tune, they themselves didn't worry at all about really stealing Roger Newman's '3/4 of the time' and renaming it 'Repeat after me'. It had been recorded in David 'Fathead' Newman's 1972 album 'Lonely avenue'.

  4. wow...interesting, would love if the album could be re-uploaded!

  5. Please upload again as it's no longer available at RS/MF.

  6. Please re-upload the album as it is no longer available on the given links.


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