Sunday 21 August 2011

Another Spirits Rejoice LP is found

Another surprise that none of us here at Electric Jive knew of. When EJ reader Molemo contacted me and asked if I would be interested in hearing the self-titled Spirits Rejoice album I was confused. The only Spirits Rejoice LP I knew of was 1976 African Spaces featured here earlier on EJ.

We now know that South Africa’s leading 70s jazz fusion band made another record, this time through Joburg records and distributed by WEA. This recording showcases a band that had diversified its style repertoire - remaining rooted in a fusion mould, with a touch of latin, in places it begins to show tiny glimpses of the emerging 80s smooth jazz trend that became so popular in South Africa.  Thank you Molemo.

1. Emakhaya
2. Woza Uzo Kudanisa Nathi
3. Music Is Our Purpose
4. Spirits
5. Happy and in Love
6. Confusions
7. Why All This Time
8. Papa's Funk

Robbie Jansen- Alto sax, flute, lead vocals
Paul Petersen- Electric and acoustic gutar
Duke Makasi- tenor and soprano sax
Mervyn Africa- fender rhodes, strings, acoustic piano and ARP synth
Gilbert Matthews - drums, belltrees, vibra slap and finger cymbals
Thabo Mashishi- 2nd trumpet
George Tyefumani- 1st trumpet and vocal on "emakhaya", additional percussion on "woza"
Sipho Gumede- Bass
"Joy"- backing vocals on Happy and in Love" and "Papa's Funk".

1978 Joburg Records, distributed by WEA records

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  1. Possibly more of a historical record. Was this the original release quality, or is this an analogue copy of an analogue copy? Thanks to all for the share.

  2. I am one day hoping to borrow the original record from Molemo and see if it is possible to make a better digital version of the analogue.

  3. This lineup,one to one ,add Colin Pratley on percussion was the the backing band for Juluka's Universal Men LP.And although it is obviously Juluka's sound, when you listen to a track like Uthando Luphelile you can hear the funkiness of the backing band. Koos

  4. There's a copy on eby now:

  5. People, why is music like this so rare to find in SA?

  6. Hi Anonymous - the rarity comes from the small numbers in original print runs .. further whittled down by the atrocities of time and many people dumping their vinyl in the 80s and 90s

  7. I have this record - my parents bought it in Durban back in the 70s at a gig when Spirits were playing - Emakhaya is a track that takes me back to my childhood. Confusions inspired me to learn the bass only later on though after discovering Paul Jackson I went back and re-discovered it. Fantastic - difficult to get the same feel - still not sure how to play it...

  8. Hi. Thanks a million for posting this. You are doing a huge service to South African musical culture. Is there any chance you can re-upload the link to the first SR album you posted? The link has gone dead. I enquire because I am a huge fan of the late Bheki Mseleku and I must hear his playing with this group. I have all his solo albums if that's of interest to you. Thanks, Robin

  9. Hi, I have this album as I kept most of my vinyls from the late 70's to the late 80's. This was music. I used to be a DJ that played at clubs and functions and had opportunities to share the stage with brilliant groups like 'Pacific Express', Spirits Rejoice, Big Daddy, Fever, Skyf, The Drive etc. They do not make music and groups like this anymore. Randy


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