Saturday 1 January 2011

Hhola Hhola 2011

A rare African jazz gem to wish all visitors to Electric Jive a fantastic 2011. This 1976 album by "The Zola Kids" presents a smoking horn section which almost certainly includes Dennis Mpale on trumpet and Ntemi Piliso on saxophone - five of the nine compositions come from these two masters.

The album art is by AK Ally, the man responsible for designing the As-Shams (Sun) label. The clenched fists and open palms suggest that this was drawn after June 1976. The music is however mellow marabi-tinged jazz with a ‘pinch’ of mbaqanga.

Limited liner notes allow the following to be added:
Soul Brother Soul 105 (the fifth album to be released on this label)
Produced by C.B. Matiwane

1. Hhola Hhola (C.B. Matiwane)
2. Get Moving (N. Nxumalo)
3. Shona Phansi (C.B. Matiwane)
4. Dennis the Menace (D. Mpale)
5. Mpale Special (D. Mpale)
6. Mhlobo Mdala (D. Mpale)
7. This is the Way (E. Piliso)
8. Ndlali Special (E. Nxumalo)
9. Mshovo (E. Piliso)
Sorry about the slight clicks on the opening track.
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  1. And so, 2011 begins as 2010 ended at ElectricJive: Magnificently. Thank you in advance for the stunning year to come.

  2. Happy New Year and thanks for another super gift.

  3. what a great album, so glad you put it up here! I've been practicing clarinet with this playing in the background, ha, solid inspiration, thanks again : )


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