Friday 5 November 2010

Jika Sikiza Jiving with the Indoda Band

 Seven-piece instrumental jazz 'n jive (1976) produced by Roxy Buthelezi  provides a pleasant surprise. The horns, keyboard and guitar arrangements give a sense of relationship to better known recordings such as Sikiza Matshikiza and some of the Movers. The album also contains some fine accordion-driven mbaqanga, as in the track Lobambo; and saxophone-led Four-Way Stop.

There is no information about band members available. Anyone recognise the artists on the cover? All songs except for Lobambo (Khanyile/Pootuna) are credited to the producer, Roxy "Black Cat" Buthelezi. Buthelezi produced and worked closely with Engineer Owen Wolf with various bands, including The Additions; Venanda Lovely Boys and the Mthembu Queens. Buthelezi was also an announcer on the "Bantu" service of the South African Broadcasting Corporation.
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