Friday 26 November 2010

Izintombi Zomoya blow hot (1973)

November rounds off with a special marabi-flavoured mbaqanga female vocal treat from 1973. Listening to this great album, I am left wondering what factors, other than great voices and muscial ability, meant that some South African female vocal groups briefly burnt bright, while some others endured. I am just sorry this bunch did not last much, much longer.

The “Girls of the Wind” deliver velvet under-stated harmonies in swaying sync to the Zwino Zwino Rhythm Boys. If you like the Dark City Sisters and that sort of music you are going to fall in love with this gem.

While West Nkosi compiled this album, Rupert Bopape is acknowledged as “the man” who guided Thandi Nkosi’s group to a Mavuthela contract and stardom. Bopape and Shadrach Pilliso team up to write three of the songs, while the ‘Izinitombi’ members, provide the bulk.

“The organ, the lead guitar and the bass guitar provide lovely phrases that bring marabi to your doorstep. And if you feel like jumping up and doing your thing just remember you have the sweet voices of the girls to listen to”. (from the cover).

Vocalists: Thandi Nkosi, Peter Phalime, Maria Moriri, Caroline Kapenter, Felicity Masondo, Sylvia Dlamini, Eunice Simelane and Thandi Mazibuko.

The rhythm boys:
Sam Marubini Jagome – lead guitar
Stephen Mukwebo – rhythm guitar
James Mukwebo – bass guitar
Edward Ndzeru – drums.

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  1. Hats off to the girls, and you for posting it. Female mbaqanga is definitely something else.

  2. Wow! Excellent, thanks so much for sharing! Absolutely fantastic find. Great vocals and tight instrumentation. Title track clearly influenced by "Tomati Yo Yo"...!

    Very sad that Izintombi Zomoya itself did not last very long, but the girls had longer careers elsewhere in Gallo-Mavuthela. A lot of those listed as the vocalists, especially Thandi Nkosi and Caroline Kapentar, went onto form the very core of the Mahotella Queens under Emily Zwane (lead singer) and Marks Mankwane (producer) in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


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