Friday 27 August 2010

Soul Meeting!! Una Valli and the Flames (1968)

Southern Africa’s first lady of sixties Soul, Una Valli delivering Motown and Atlantic as good, say the critics who heard her, as Arethra Franklin and Etta James ever did. Our friend Eddy at Soul Safari has just shared tracks from the Soulfire recording of “The Flames”; so we thought it a good idea to share the Flames recording that came just before Soulfire.

This time, the Flames share the backing band duties with other SA soul stalwarts, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

Be sure to check out Bas Mollenkramer’s authoritative discog and website on the Flames here. The site contains a full review of this rare album, along with pictures and more detail on Una Valli.

A Grahame Beggs production
released in South Africa April 1968 in mono on Rave RMG 1233
released in the UK 1968 in mono on Page One FOR 019

1. Satisfaction (Jagger / Richard) 2.22 the Flames.
2. Tell Mama (Carter) 2.20 the Flames
3. I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (Shannon) 3.36 the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
4. Reach Out I'll Be There (E. & B. Holland / Dozier) 3.12 the Flames
5. Yesterday (Lennon / McCartney) 3.13 the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
6. You Are My Sunshine (Davis / Mitchell) 2.34 the Flames
7. Respect (Redding) 2.28 the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
8. Nowhere to Run (E. & B. Holland / Dozier) 3.03 the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
9. My Guy (Robinson / White) 3.22 the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
10. Take Me For A Little While (Martin) 2.36 the Flames
11. Stop Thief (Hayes / Porter / Shamwell) 2.25 the Flames
12. Yum Yum (Frazier) 2.38 the Peanut Butter Conspiracy

RS here
MF here


  1. Thanks a lot! I was looking for this record for years!

  2. Keep the jive favorite blog!!!!

    Flames - Soulfire!! (1968) for those who want to hear it in full Buffalo Billycan posted back in 2008 and the download links are still good…also check out the other SA groovey vibes

    not to mention -

  3. Thanks Henri - for the encouragement and the links

  4. Hi there again!! David here, from Madrid.
    I had never listened this great artist with that unique voice.
    I was searching info about Una Valli. I saw she recorded another album before this incredible Soul Meeting! with Flames and Peanut Butter Conspiracy as backing-bands.
    The title of that album is Teenage Sensation, from 1964, and i only have found it in youtube, at this channel
    The quality sound is good, and Soul Meeting album too, with no noises from the vinyl.
    I hope you don't mind if i post this note with youtube channel, friends. I only want to help others to enjoy good music.
    If you don't want to publish this comment, i can understand it, no problem about that.
    Again i want to send to all of you a big big hug and give you thanks for let us to listen all these fantastic music in your blog.
    You are so great people!! Best wishes always.



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