Thursday 5 August 2010

Boy Masaka Special

By special request from a number of our readers we have dug deep to bring you this fantastic collection of Boy Masaka 78s, 45s and album tracks. Boy Masaka's original name was Barney Robert Masena but he also went under the alias Elim Valenti, Valenti Elim and Mr Joe. On his later records he was simply known as Boy Masaka wa Brits (Boy Masaka from Brits). We faced a real problem trying to locate photographs of Boy Masaka. Instead we thought we'd translate a number of the spoken word intro's to give you a flavour of what was going down. Whilst the majority of the tracks are from the so-called 78 period (until the late 60s in South Africa) Boy Masaka later landed up in David Thekwane's stable playing alongside the Boyoyo Boys generating session after session of instrumental jive. One of these tracks was issued in France by RCA (check the cover at the bottom). We've also included a download of his most famous seventies track "Buya Masaka". And his sense of humour kicks in with the b-side title "Groot Man". Enjoy the tunes.(Special thanks to Alkis who sourced a number of these 78s for us)

Boy Masaka Special includes the following tracks
Big Ten- Blassa'Tu- Boy Kortman - Crash - Draai Veld - Dry Veld No. 2 - Dubula Masaka - Knock Knock - Moon - Ntombana - Rock Pheph No 16 - Rock Pheph No 17 - Salanjalo - Simangele -Tatazela Guluva -Tiny- Ubuyile - Ungalile - Yes Yes Yes Man

Rock Pheph 16: " Whose photo is that on the table?, Oh my God, don’t you know its Boy Masaka. He is so short. Oh, don’t you know him? He is a man when he is with other men; I want to meet him eye to eye. Get away, he is not a layabout drunkard like you."

Rock Pheph 17: "Hey, don’t make so much noise (bicycle bell ringing). Get out of the way of my Raleigh (bicycle). Sorry, I did not see it was you Boy Masaka"

Knock Knock: "Open up, open up what is going on here (jealous boyfriend). Get away, you are not paying rent for me, I am paying this myself." Lady turns to Boy Masaka who is inside the house and asks him to play on.

Ntambane: "It is still you in my room! It does not matter) because I also play music on the radio. When I hear you singing on this radio I will smash it with an axe. Stay with your axe, I am leaving. Well, get away you! "

Crash: "Tell me Boy, why does everyone have complaints about you? Because I can play the saxophone. Did you hear that song from 1964? Keep quiet and listen"

Simangele: "Boy Masaka why are you not buying food in the house for Simangele? Because Simangele is not cooking during the day, she is staying the whole day drinking and when I get home there is no food prepared."

Tiny: "Hurry up – go and see Boy Masaka, he is jiving and play bump jive – you will find him, he is the shortest one amongst them."



  1. Looking forward to listening. Thank you very much.

  2. Mighty bloggers, I salute you with special thanks! Wow... this is truly, truly extraordinary. I'm inspired by friends like julle more and more every day. A thousand blessings and praises on your house! Sala kahle

  3. Looking for a copy of that Groot Man. If anyone can point me in any direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Hi there friends. Listening and searching for Boyoyo Boys band tunes and i have landed here again!
    Can you re-up these links for all of us?
    Many thanks in advance!!


  5. I have also found a 78 on the RCA label (RCA 222) by Boy Masaka and his band using the name of "Wynburg All Stars" - does anyone else have anymore info on this?

  6. Thank you for this so much. Fantastic!!


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