Tuesday 20 April 2010

Music of the Spirit: Malombo (1971)

Our good friend Matt over at Matsuli has long “lamented the fact that the Malombo back catalogue has fallen into disarray. Currently only five from a total of 13 releases are commercially in print. And of these five there is one obscure release - Silent Beauty - not even credited to Philip Tabane or Malombo.”

Looking at Matt’s Malombo discography here, it seems that today’s offering makes up a complete list of Malombo either available commercially or shared on the blogosphere.
Music of the Spirit (1971) shows beautiful growth in the range and depth of the Malombo that recorded without Philip Thabane. This recording was also a venture and risk taken by David Marks of Third Ear who pressed only one hundred copies. He reports that he only managed to sell fifty copies in twenty five years. Read more here. Third Ear did want to re-release this album a while ago, but it seems that this has not happened. David, if you get to read this, and if you do re-release this fine recording – ElectricJive will immediately assist you and champion its sales. Until then, we humbly share this gem in the hope that it whets appetites and motivation for a possible re-release.

1. Heaven's Doorsteps 1:21
2. Birds meet Elephant 5:37
3. Gae Memelodi 11:01
4. Excerpt from Ourang Outang 0:58
5. Malombo Workshop 6:50
6. Inyoni 2:34
7. Dikomeng 4:42
8. Ungaokhala 2:54
Note: This album is expected to be re-issued by the end of 2021.


  1. Fantastic - a real treasure.

    Are all the others really available to buy or download? Malombo Jazz Makers Vol.2 seems pretty elusive, except as an expensive collectible LP. Maybe I just need to keep digging!

    Anyway - many thanks again.

  2. As a huge Malombo fan myself I must thank you fortherecord,for this truly fantastic Music of the Spirit!!!I had lost hope to have the chance to listen to this beauty.

  3. i too give thanks and praises for a rare gem..!!! ,,,make my day!!!! nuff respec!!!...i search everywhere for malombo.......also big up Nauma... you guys do a huge service to music fans around the globe!!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words gracenotes, Nauma and Hunter. If Vol 2 cannot be found, perhaps we will need to share it?

  5. Yes, this is just beautiful, so beautiful. I would gladly buy copies (for myself and others) if it were re-issued. Thank you so much for sharing and, thereby, helping to create demand for this exquisite music that might otherwise be lost.

  6. This one's amazing! Plain amazing!
    I've only heard very little by Malombo/Tabane, alas, but I love what I'm familiar with! Thanks a lot for sharing this little beauty!


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