Monday 5 April 2010

Don't Overtake on Eloff Street

Eloff Street 1968 (Pic by rustyproof via flicker)

Today another classic straight ahead instrumental jive LP, this time from the group the Black Eagles and issued in the early seventies on the Number One label.

The Black Eagles - Eloff Street (Number One 9006, c 1971)
01 Eloff Street.mp3
02 No U Turn.mp3
03 Hoog Tyd.mp3
04 Leagae Laka.mp3
05 Mamelodi Special.mp3
06 In Die Donker.mp3
07 Don't Overtake.mp3
08 Sesasedi.mp3
09 Time To Go.mp3
10 Closed Shop.mp3
11 8 by 8.mp3
12 Mandileni.mp3



  1. thank you so much. sounds exciting this.
    and the biggest thank you for the dark city sisters earlier...that made my heart survive this cold winter.
    take care / K

  2. Thank You so much.
    I've been looking for Don't Overtake since 1977.
    When it was played on a radio serie about SA Music.
    It blew my mind @ the time and my band did cover it.
    I didn't know who played it or the title, and I'm not sure that it was the Black Eagles version that I loved so much.
    Do you know if there is other versions of this track?

  3. thanks for the recommendation about this music, my old brother know very well the list and the songs.

  4. This album is very similar in style to "Sea Water" by Alfred Ndima, which you posted at And both are listed (in the mp3 track info at least) as being from 1972! Both are purely instrumental stripped-down mbaqanga -- almost like master classes in how to play South African music.

    For some reason I can't quite pin down, I just love these "just the basics" tracks without any vocals. It perhaps feels like quintessential authentic mbaqanga, the "real stuff" without any frills or distractions. Very very nice! Thank you.

    Strange observation: Both instrumental 1972 albums "Eloff Street" and "Sea Water" feature some tracks with titles in Afrikaans -- e.g. "Hoog Tyd" and "Tafeldoek" -- but one rarely (if ever) sees Afrikaans song titles on any other mbaqanga records. I wonder what the explanation is for this unusual detail.

  5. Hi, this sounds like a real treat, but the links are not working anymore :( Any chance you could re-upload this album? I am desperate for more instrumental mbaqanga...

  6. Another gem, ElectricJive team!!
    My feet can't stop jejej
    It's a sad thing those tunes are so short, but a small gem is a great gem always.
    Here in Spain, not too much people knows about all these african styles, maybe afro-beat and reggae are mostly known, but i think i am lucky for learning a lot thanks to your effort and great team.
    I would like to do some versions, covers from these and other african songs, i like to play sax and flute, i'm searching here people who love these sounds as me. It's a hard way but i hope to get it with no other reason, but enjoy music.
    A big hug to all of you!


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