Sunday 18 April 2010

Black Star dedication: 1950s highlife roots

A small Sunday diversion from normal ElectricJive programming again – but then, Ghana's Black Stars will soon be wowing the crowds at the World Cup in South Africa, and this music just echoes South African jazz of the 50s in its pre-independence African swing-infected big band arrangements with luxurious brass and unhurried infectious rhythm.

These Decca 10 inch LPs record something Sully Muntari and Michael Essien’s parents might well remember – highlife classics of the 1950s. The Black Beats were re-issued on CD by RertoAfric – but that too is now out of print.

If you have an hour or so spare on a Sunday afternoon, this music will set a perfect upbeat but relaxed tone. And watch out for Ghana at the World Cup!

More on The Black Beats and early Ghana Highlife here, here and here
RS Link Black Beats (link fixed)
RS Link Broadway Dance Band
MF link Black Beats
MF link Broadway Dance Band


  1. Danceband highlife might not be as fashionable as other vintage African musics, but personally I can't get enough of it. Just beautiful. Many thanks.


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