Tuesday 6 October 2009

When 9 was 6...lest we forget

Another of those rarely seen LPS hiding in the ElectricJive vaults. Includes some key players who created the iconic Mannenberg composition, namely Monty Webber on drums and Basil Coetzee on sax. Enjoy

Remember District Six - A Musical Concept by Sammy Hartman, Lionel Beukes and Monty Webber assisted by Basil (Mannenberg) Coetzee, Errol Dyers and Monwabisi (CBS, ASF 1889, 1976)
1. District Six
2. Love Song
3. Ostracism
4. Simplicity
5. Strange People
6. Happy All The Time

Produced by Monty Weber
Recorded at UCA Studios, Cape Town
Marketed and Distributed by Gramaphone Record Company Pty Ltd


  1. Thank you for all this wonderful music.
    I'm happy for finding your excellent blog.
    Many thanks...
    Kostas from Greece.

  2. Oh, I'm looking forward to this. When I worked as a waiter 26 years ago, Sammy Hartman and his wife led the houseband. I became quite friendly with them.

    Monty Weber was a regular in Concert Boulevard, the houseband of the Galaxy, whose jazz night were legendary. He's lost his legs now, but, hell, Concert Boulevard were t-i-g-h-t.

    By the way, Manenberg takes only one 'n'. Dollar Brand got it terribly wrong...

  3. Is really fantastic.
    For me "Man(n)enberg" (or "Cape Town Fringe") is one of the most beautiful songs of South African jazz, and merit is not only for Dollar Brand but also the incredible sax of Basil Coeztee, simply sublime.
    Thanks for sharing such beauty.
    And sorry 4 my english

    mela.... from Spain


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