Sunday 25 October 2009

African Spaces

For many the seminal Afro-Jazz fusion group formed in the musical laboratory that was the Pelican Nightclub in Orlando, Soweto. Criticised at times for being too intellectual this band was the genesis of Sakhile, Stimela and the individual careers of Bheki Mseleku, Mervyn Afrika and others. A re-issue was planned by David Mark's 3rdEar label just before the passing of Sipho Gumede but current discussions apparently revolve around remixing the original LP and excluding certain tracks. ElectricJive brings you the original LP and a bonus 45. Enjoy whilst it is still out of print.

Spirits Rejoice - African Spaces (ATH4010, 1977)
1. Joy

2. Standing Here Alone
3. Savage Dance and African Spaces
4. Mulberry Funk
5. Minute Song
6. Sugar Pie
7. Makes Me Wonder Why
8. Electric Chicken
Bonus tracks (from 7"):
I'm So Strong Now (What Does It Matter)
Shine On


  1. Thank you very much for this excellent album...I was looking for a long time for this.
    Don't you have a better resolution for the covers? especially the back cover? matter...
    THANK YOU!!!!
    Kostas from Greece.

  2. Many thanks; very cool blog. -- Murf

  3. Many thanks , I only hear one track from this lp on a comp . I'm glad I can hear the rest .

    So once again thank you for this post and your blog


  4. Please HQ artwork!! incredible cover and details info on the back
    Thanks for this rare, rare album!
    I like more your blog!

  5. I just love this kind of music. Afro-Jazz has been shaping my thoughts, specially if we are talking about new sounds in the Pelican Nightclub.

  6. Hi Guys,

    Great work, and great stuff to read up's a learnin' curve alright. I have been trying the link for this Spirits Rejoice LP, but it wont download. Have I missed it? Or any chance of letting me know if I can still access it.



  7. Mr Grooves, the Rapidshare link is still working although it can be frustrating waiting for it to activate....

    1. and how can you tell if its activated or not?

  8. Thanks so much for this. I have been looking fir more of their music for quite a while. Many thanks.

  9. I have been looking for more of their music for quite a while. Many thanks.

  10. There has been a new and active link up and available on mediafire since May 2015 - just tested it, it works


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