Monday 7 September 2009

Star Time with the Dark City Sisters

Matt over at the matsuli blog laid down the challenge for us to come up with something to match the priceless Motella compilation from Nick Lotay. And this is us trying to hit that spot! More musical than the Mahotella Queens and the earliest group to lay the main foundation for urban jive in South Africa here is the wonderful debut LP from the Dark City Sisters.

From the original liner notes:
The sun has set. It's party time and what can be more appropriate than "Startime with the Dark City Sisters". This group is undoubtably the most popular African vocal combo in this country. They present on this, their first long-playing record, a selection of songs which will certainly set your feet dancing. Such old favourites have never sounded better. They have the tendency to display their vocal ability in songs, some with a featured soloist while the others accompany in the background, giving to the listeners only pleasing melodic sound. Herein the Dark City Sisters offer you an entertaining slection including the following:
Sekusile - The song begins with the cocks crowing to encourage everyone to arise and start the new day. The lyrics being, "Wake up ladies and gentlemen another day has begun so let us prepare for work"
Rose - The story of a man who was very badly disappointed in love and decided to pray to God that Rose (his ex-fiancé) would return to him. To his joy, his prayers were answered and they were married soon after.
Langa More - An evergreeen which introduced a new form of dance, different from the Flying Jazz, in that the arm movement remained unchanged but the feet movement of the dancers became that of a sliding motion side by side in a movement reminicent of the Charleston
Change Jive Bafana - A follow-up of Lange More. This tune became a tremendous hit all over the Country.

This record is the perfect prescription for dispelling Party Blues and to get your guests in the mood for Startime with the Dark City Sisters.



  1. I've wanted to hear this album for a long time. Thank you very much. Such a treasure this is.


  2. great post, thank you! one of the most interesting vocal combo with the Skylarks & the Manhattan Brothers.
    what about THE FOUR YANKS ? i know only two beautiful tracks in two different compilations

  3. Thanks! It's fantastic!

  4. Excellent thanks for share it, this group it's very nice sounds great and their music can be dance in anywhere.

  5. In the 1970s, the Boston Public Library had a scratched up copy of Startime Vol. 2. featuring songs from the Dark City Sisters and Flying Jazz Queens. I treasured a cassette copy I made for years and vowed to track down the original. I can't thank you enough for posting this.

  6. It is unavailable now.
    Is it possible reupload?

  7. The Link doe snot work for rapidshare, kindly add a MF link. I love this group


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