Saturday 26 September 2009

The Peacemaker: Mike Makhalemele

As requested: Peacemaker - this is Mike Makhalemele’s first solo album which was recorded in the early 70s while he was also playing in “The Drive” with Duke Makassi and Khaya Mahlangu . Another of South Africa’s crop of exceptional saxophonists, Makhalamele’s work may yet receive the posthumous recognition it deserves – should Gallo and As-Shams (Sun) be able to conclude their talks about re-issuing the As-Shams catalogue in South Africa. We wait in hope!!

Always a step ahead, Matt over at Matsuli has licensed the first of hopefully many of the As-Shams titles for European release starting with the legendary Dick Khoza Chapita recording. We look forward.

For more background on Mike Makhalemele read Stephen Segerman’s tribute here.
Updated (2015) link here


  1. good record, thank you !

  2. other request :
    The Blue Notes with Patience Ggawabe

    "Mr Palijas" a musical with Mcgregor,Pukwana,Mpali...

    thank you

  3. Thanx for sharing

  4. I was looking for this album all around Pretoria and Johnnesburg.I don't get it.I will be happy if somebody out there can help me and get it.


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