Wednesday 4 October 2017

The Minerals - Sweet Soweto (1976)

A very lucky off-chance find whilst digging in a London shop. Originally priced at R5.99 with a Kohinor Kort Street price sticker! In a few comments on other posts a number of people have requested this LP and so here it is.

The Minerals are: Thelma Segona (organ/piano/vocals), Ronnie Makhondo (percussion/vocals), Nick Kunene (lead guitar/vocals), Jonas Mkhabela (bass), Joseph Tshabalala (drummer), Isaac Moraba (vocalist), and Jimmy Mojapelo (composer and leader).

A wonderful mix of soul, philly-styled funk on the 13 minute title tune and breezy Soweto pop. (OK, cheesy pop and a few great moments!)



  1. Oh JOY ! New posts ..... great to have EJ spinning again!

  2. If it maintained this time spacing between the musical posts, it would go far to compensate for the dizzying drought experienced since end of November 2016.
    Bound to like it.

  3. Love seeing albums with the original price sticker. No idea why!

  4. I am looking for Jabu & Lucky's Sekatna Sela.


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