Monday 25 April 2016

Sell More Records - Tom Vuma promotes EMI records (1978)

No cover and warped to the limits of playability this 1978 curiosity probably hasn't seen a turntable for the last 30 years. Amidst the pleas from DJ Tom Vuma to sell more records (and remember the catelogue number) we also get very best wishes for Christmas. Its an interesting view into the music EMI Brigadiers in South Africa was trying to shift in the late seventies through predominantly black music distribution channels. The mix of jazz, fusion, jive, reggae and soul and high local content is enlightening. Look out for the wonderful early version of Woza Friday from the two original members of Juluka, Johnny and SIpho.

Hamba Juba :: The Covers
Kenny's Feelings:: The Savers
Maria :: The Jive Heroes
Warm Love :: Eric Donaldson
Isethembiso :: Mthembu Queens
Can't Live Without a Woman :: Bald Heads
Ngifuna Ududu :: The Covers
Cliff :: The Strong Sounds
Come With Me Girl :: The Savers
Izinyambezi :: The Additions
Woza Friday :: Jonathan & Sipho
Ain't Too Proud to beg :: Eric Donaldson
Izandla Ziyagozana :: The Additions 

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