Monday, 14 March 2016

Sipho and His Jets: Goods Train (1976)

Keeping with Matt’s theme of pre-June 1976, Zulu Bidi art-work, and the Soul-Jazz-Pop label, here is a further gem showcasing the fusion of a basket of styles into what is an uniquely identifiable Soweto 1976 sound.

Composer Sipho Bhengu on alto saxophone fronts up the Mavuthela studio band with three strong tracks that blend mbaqanga with a pinch of bump-jive while channelling the roots of marabi jazz. Nick Lotay has already featured a seven-single version of “African Fingers”, much played by John Peel, here
The flip side track of the Sipho and His Jets 45rpm contains a 2:55 edit of Goods Train, which, on this LP stretches to 6:39. At 13:14, I have not come across any other edition of the bright and jazzy Two Doors.

Those of you who spent time in Pietermaritzburg during the 1980s will recognize the “Hey Jude Record Library” card on the back cover.

Sipho Bhengu features elsewhere on Electric Jive, here, here and here

Goods Train
Recorded: 9th February 1976
Soul Jazz Pop BL65
Composed by: Sipho Bhengu
Compiled by: West Nkosi
Engineer: Peter Ceronio

Download: here

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  1. As always, thanks a lot, guys. It's nice to have the full version of "African Fingers"--of course, the edit was compliments of you as well. many thanks.


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