Monday 28 December 2015

Greatest Soul Hits - Vol. 2 (1972) & Vol. 3 (1973)

Well... I don't have an end-of-year mix per se. But I do have a dedicated Christmas gift for one of our keenest supporters—Manzo—who has patiently waited for these two compilations since I mentioned them in a Teenage Lovers' discography in January 2015. Perhaps therefor it is fitting to end this year with these two sets featuring a wonderful selection of mostly organ-infused soul tracks on the RPM label.

Merry Christmas, Manzo... Chris, Matt, Nick... and all our dedicated supporters!!!
Looking forward to an amazing new year!

Various Artists, RPM (RPM 7012), 1972

01) Teenage Lovers - Trinity
02) Moon Brothers - Beautiful Sunday
03) Teenage Lovers - Enemy No.1
04) Teenage Lovers - TX 15 (Playboys)
05) Teenage Lovers - Slaza's Inn
06) The Knights - Song of the Engine
07) Ben Ntoi and Tortoise - Candy
08) All Rounders - Sala Emma
09) Soul Kids - Breakfast Time
10) Teenage Lovers - Sofasonke
11) Teenage Lovers - Toto at Sis' B
12) Teenage Lovers - Victor's Money Belt
13) Teenage Lovers - Botany 700
14) All Rounders - I'm Sorry About That

Various Artists, RPM (RPM 7014), 1973

01) The Hurricanes - Expression of Love
02) The Hurricanes - I Can Feel It
03) Teenage Lovers - Let it Be
04) Teenage Lovers - Last Hope
05) Freddie Letsewene and the Young Titles - Cry For My Love
06) The Hurricanes - Love, Peace and Goodwill
07) Question Marks - Mister Moonlight
08) Teenage Lovers - Unfaithful Woman
09) Question Marks - I Won't Sleep No More
10) The Thorns - Celebration
11) Question Marks - Julia
12) The Thorns - Seteng Sediba


  1. Many thanks, Siemon. This proudly SA music sound, originally inspired by the Memphis soul music scene of the 60s/70s esp. the legendary Booker T. & The MGs of Stax fame, drew from other elements and soon developed into a distinctive concoction of the SA black ghetto semi-elite. Like the mbaqanga genre that it helped to displace, this is a sound that to this day squarely resonates with the yesteryear vibe of my boyhood days - music now virtually extinct in SA. Thanks yet again to you and the other avid EJ bloggers for sniffing out these buried gems and unearthing them for our 'ancient' ears to re-appreciate.

    1. Manzo, you are absolutely welcome! Thanks as always for your background and knowledge in contextualizing so much of this music! Hope you have a wonderful new year. Talk soon...

  2. never heard of any of these artist but im curious to heat these compilations. thank you

  3. Hey guys thanks for the great work. Have the links for these disappeared from the page? I can't seem to find them ;(

  4. links for these?

  5. How can I get hold of Volume Three?


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