Monday 7 September 2015

The Young Lovers (1972)

Staying with 1972, a somewhat special soul and "afro-rock" offering that  will blow the socks off some of you. Well produced, tight band, strong vocals, with some echoes of West Coast 70s acid rock influences evident. The overall feel and some of the brass and flute arrangements remind me of elements of Arthur Lee's "Love".

Stand-out tracks among the five original compositions are the Zamrock-style "Tikoloshi" and "Feeling Shy". An EJ visitor has been hunting the brooding anthemic "Naledi" for years.

One of the reasons I chose to post this album "now" was because I knew there was nothing  I could tell you about the band - and I am just too short of time to put together a more substantial text for some other album. No info on the album or labels, and if you try and google "The Young Lovers", it gives you a flood of options, none of which seemed relevant to this album. This album speaks for itself though, enjoy!

Download link here


  1. This is incredible - Thank you Chris

  2. Dear All,
    I would like to know if you have the following LP or CD: Lucky Dube and Kudala Ngikuncenga (1982)?
    Could you post it in case you have it?
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you, looking forward to hearing this.

  4. Thank you, sounds quite interesting.

  5. Hi Chris and EJ team!
    This is a great album, Feeling Shy, Brother Jack, Jinglin Coins are my favourite tunes. Naledi too!
    When you say this is a zamrock style, you want to say they were from Zambia country too? Or it was a band from South Africa with that Zamrock sound like Amanaz, Blackfoot, The Peace and Witch bands from there?
    I saw you posted before other artists and bands from other countries like Zimbabwe, so i want to know.
    I use to call this music afro-rock in general to understand myself, but it's interesting for me knowing about where they came from.
    Thanks in advance for your request and a big big hug!!


  6. Hi David - I am glad you are enjoying browsing through the EJ archives. The Young Lovers were from Johannesburg - I was referring more to how some of the songs on this album sounded similar to some of the zamrock around the same time. Best wishes


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