Friday 31 July 2015

Zulu violin dance from the mountains

A Friday tribute dedicated to all my friends from the 1980s who were also excited by the Shifty Records release of the Noise Khanyile and Joburg City Stars number Grooving Jive Number One. That infectious violin-led 12-inch track received many a spin at many a party.

The track shared today traces one root of "Zulu Violin Dance" back to Durban Harbour circa 1960. A simple, pure and equally infectious violin and guitar duet composed by one V. Gumede for the "Point Docks String Combo". The title "Ezintabeni" can be translated as "to the mountains" or "from the mountains".

This track along with a number of others will be made available via Electric Jive in due course. For now:

Check out this link here.


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