Tuesday 3 March 2015

Sotho Vocal Jive - Top Hits Vol 2 (1977, Motella)

Back once more with a serious does of electric jive courtesy of the Matsuli archives. 
This LP was issued in 1977 on the Motella label and includes key vocalists and the backing
 band of mbaqanga's heyday. The compositions are all credited to Rupert Bopape and 
Marks Mankwane and the backing band is almost certainly the Makhona Tshole Band.
 I'm sure that fellow contributor Nick Lotay can help us out here with any clarifications!

Various Artists - Sotho Vocal Jive Vol 2 (Motella, 1977)
1. Mathari - Mbaqazo Boys
2. Sibata Simabifi -Mbaqazo Boys
3. Ditokolosi - Indoda Mbhodlomane Zezitombi Zomoya
4. Obadumedise - Indoda Mbhodlomane Zezitombi Zomoya
5. Moratoa Ke Batho - Irene & Sweet Melodians
6. Mmaditaba - Irene & Sweet Melodians
7. Mamokgadi - Izintombi Zo Moya
8. Ngoana O - Izintombi Zo Moya
9. Ntshwarele Ntate - Mahotella Queens
10. Nyalo Ea Tshwenya - Mahotella Queens
11. Hakena Sebaka - Mahotella Queens 

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  1. Where does that photo of the musicians come from? My copy of the lp doesn't have that on the back, and those guys are certainly none of the Makgona Tsohle Band. The compositions are not credited as you describe. Great music nonetheless!

  2. My copy of the same lp has different credits, no musician photo, and the photo above contains no members of the Makgona Tsohle Band. Great music though, thanks for the post.

  3. This group is at the back cover of the Ice Cream & Suckers compilation.
    Could it be the Soweto Stockvel Septette?

    1. I think you're very likely to be correct. Well spotted!

  4. Very much appreciated - can we get a re-up of Ice Cream & Suckers as well?

  5. Can't wait to hear this. Thanks very much!


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